Sneaky elfs

Elfette 2009. Decorating Sisters apt, while she was at work


Elfs work is done..

Ryan in undress after ROTC

Sister (Rhonda) Thanksgiving 2009

Rd and his People

Ryan & Mom Senior football night


Halloween 2009 Donna above (demon) Steve over there

Nicole & Eric 2008(Tonys oldest Daughter)

Christmas 2008 Rhonda, Donna, R.D. Tony, Daniel & Mom

Tony & Daniel



12-20-08 Beths car is under there somewhere.

12-20-08 Dec snow recorded in Spokane......... 5ft!

Beth & Keelie summer 2007


Erik vampire                                                                                         My graveyard ghouls David (werewolf) and Ryan (zombie)
Steve Pirate                                                                                      Donna bog zombie (blacklight outfit)
Beth Ms Monroe                                                                       Graveyard band

Below are pics of inside the house

                                                                            Halloween 2007
Donna, Evil pumpkin                     
Zombie Ryan                                                                                      Steve (Scientist) and Ryan (Zombie) in the graveyard


Copper sink, water fall faucet (glass), mosaic tile counter top. Took a couple weeks of gluing down tiles.

 William & Rhonda graduation day 2007                                Kayla                  
                                                                                                Donna, Lissa (Sister) Mom and  Rhonda (Sister)

Ryan 2006                                            Beth 2006

        Erik Graduation 2005              Beth's Sweet 16 at Chuck E Cheeses.2006
 Grandpa Hoerner and Steve 2005     Matt Mom Uncle Galen and John

                                                        Halloween 2006
Beth is a Bumble bee       Ryan is a Carrot                                           


     Beth bumblebee      Ryan carrot    
                                                                                                                    Daniel &  William (nephews)  
Steve & Donna Turkey day        07                                   
                                                                                Beth, Amy & Jessica                                                                         

                                                                                    Best Friend from Jr Hi, Tami and her Daughter Jamie.