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Steven M. Hoerner
Great-Grandfather Henry Noorda and family.                                                  Great-Grandparents Valentine and Magdalena Hoerner.

My grandparents lived across the street from each other when I was born in Spokane in 1963. Both grandfathers were the son's  of immigrants that came to America in 1900, one from Germany (Via Russia) and the other from the Netherlands. Both grandmother's families came from Scotland in the 1800s.
Henry Noorda made 3 trans-Atlantic trips as                          Valentine and Magdalena  Hörner arrive at Elis Island    
a LDS missionary.
 First trip in 1900, last trip SS Canada 1906.                                aboard the Steamship Graf Valderse November, 1900.

Steven M. Hoerner    married         Donna L. Suddeth on 7-15-1986

Born 10-06-1963/Spokane, WA                b. 9-23-1966/Kellogg, Id

                           Children: Erik 1987, Elizabeth 1990, Ryan 1992


Father: Dr. John V. Hoerner Jr.                 Married 1962               Mother: Judy L. Noorda

b. 8-21-1942 /Spokane, WA                                                            b.12-7-1941/Ogden, Utah

                                            Children: David 1962, Steven 1963, Bruce 1966


2nd Marriage 1971 Sharon Sommers             

Children: Jason 1974, Ann Marie 1976            



John V. Hoerner Sr.

b. 3-20-1920 Richardton, ND  

d. d.2-14-2006 Seattle, WA

Married Maxine Moffit 1942 Spokane, WA


2nd Marriage/ 1968

 Child: Dan 1969



Wilhelmina Maxine Moffit


Moffit, ND


Spokane, WA

Children: John 1942, Greg, Garry, Michael, Lynn




Wilford L. Noorda

b. 10-21-1917  Ogden, UT  d.12-21-1985 Spokane, WA


Bakery Manager /Wonder Bread


married Belva Russsell 12-30-1938


Children: Wilford (Russell) 1940, Judy 1941





Belva R. Russell

b. 1-8-1919

Taber, Alberta Canada


Hillman, MN



Note: When we were little, grandpa would always brag about how we were related to "John M. Browning". Grandma's sister Marian married Douglas Browning Stephens in 1946, a grandson.


Valantine Fredrick Hörner

b.11-8-1871 Speir, Ukraine    d. 1953 Spokane, WA

Immigrated from

Speier, Russia to

Richardton, SD


m. Magdalena Fleck

For children, see photo below.



Charles Emory Moffit


Des Moines, Iowa

d. 10-1947

Clackamas, OR

Moved to OR in 1936 m.Wilhelmina Ivolene Lane




Children: Harriet Frances 1911, Maude May 1912, Gadys Mary 1915, Thelma Irene 1917, Wilhelmina Maxine 1920, Ada Lucille 1921, Charles Emory Jr. 1923, Dorthy Veneda 1924, James William 1927, Joy Marcella 1929 DAC

Hendrik (Henry) Noorda

b.8-29-1879 d.2-2-1956

Immigrated from Landsmeer, Netherlands to Ogden, UT. 6-16-1900
S.S. Combronian


Baker, businessman, Bishop Church of Latter day Saints


m.Marie Bernards June 24, 1908


Children: Marguerite 1909, Marie 1911, Henry Burt 1914 DAC, Bertus Rowland 1916 DAC, Wilford Larence 1917, Lilian Bernadine 1920, LeGrande, Jack, Glenn

Jesse L. Russell



Ogden, UT

Died in Railroad accident.

m. Eva Selena Forrest



Children: Belva Rachel 1919, Marion Elaine1924, Grant Lewis 1926, Maxine 1930, Kay Anita 1933


Fredrich Hörner

b.1848   d.1918

Mayor/Scribe for 20 years

Speier, Russia

m. Barbra Renner 1871

Children: Valentin Fredrich 1871, Michael 1872, Julean dac, Maria-Eva 1876, Franziska dac, Rafael 1884, Jacob dac, Margaretha 1887, Franziska 1889, Lina 1891, Johann F. 1894, Mathias died as child



William Nelson Moffit

b.4-4-1820  NY

d.1884 Barron, Wisconsin

m. Harriet Fox



Children: Ella 1858, Lowel 1860, George Washington 1862, Charles Emory 1871, Fred 1877

Hendrik, Noorda

b.1-29-1850 d.4-24-1928

Immigrated 2-12-1903 Landsmeer, Netherlands to Ogden, UT. USS Romanic from Liverpool, GB to Ontario, Canada

m. Grietje IJff 6-7-1871

Children: Peiter 1873, Gerrit 1874, Agnes, Johanna, Henry Jr 1879, Grace 1883, John DAC, John 1886, Jane 1888, Jake 1892, Claude 1894, Bertus 1895

Hendrik is the grandfather of Ray Noorda. Novell Computer founder, the "father of network computing". Ray's father is Bertus

Adam Russell



Immagrated from Clackmanin, Scotland to Utah about 1870

m.Hannah Marie Child 10-13-1874


Children: Hannah 1875, Warren 1877, William 1878, Austin 1881, John 1883, Heber 1884, Jesse !887, Sally 1890, George 1892, Rachel 1894, David 1897


Valntin Hörner

b.1828   d.1858


m. Luzia Muhl 1848

Children: Fredrich 1848, Magdelena 1850, Anna-Maria 1852, Margareta 1855


Pieter Noorda



m. Aagje Schouten 3-29-1849




Children: Hendrik 1850, Jaantje, Barbara 1862, Pieter

John Russell


Clackmanin, Scotland

d.7-29-1885/ Riverdale, Utah

m.Ellen Blackwood


Children: Elizabeth 1836, Catherine 1838, William 1840, James 1842, Francis 1844, Adam 1846, Ellen 1848, Jannat 1850, Joseph 1854, John 1856, David 1857

Dominik Hörner

b. 9-30-1785   d.1848

Immagrated from Speyer, Germany to Speier, Russia-July 1809

m. Elisabeth Koz 1822

Children: Michael 1811, Elisabetha 1813, Johann 1817, Joseph                                                      1821, Christian1823, Philipp 1825, Valentin 1828



Hendrick Noorda


d.6-6-1868/ Landsmeer

m. Ariaantje Roos 1819





Children: Pieter 1823

William Russell


Married Catherine in Kincardine Fife, Scotland



Children: Margaret 1795, William 1797, Catherine 1799, Alexander 1801, Adam 1803, Alex 1807, John 1809, David 1811, Walter 1813

Johann Michael Hörner, d.a. the Elder



m. Maria Margarethe Geiger 2-3-1774

Children: Johannes Peter 1775-1807, Anna 1777, Johannes 1780, Johann Jacob 1783, Dominik 1785, Maria 1788-1859, Regina 1790, Valentin 1792, Johann Valentin 1800


Jan Simons Noorda

b. 1761


m.Barbertje de Groot



Children: Hendrik 1800


Hans(Johannes) Hörner


d. 8-6-1778

m. Maria Apollonia Burckel 4-16-1741

Children: Johann Georg 1742-1796, Anna 1744-1819, Johann Valentin 1747, Johann Michael 1750-1820, Johannes 1754-1794, Andreas 1756


Symon Hendriksz Noorda



m. Neeltje Jans. Ruyter


Johannes (Hans) Valentin Hörner

b.about 1681  


m.Margarethe Malthauer 


Children: Maria O.1703-1767, Johannes "Stephan"1705-1742, Georg W 1707, Susanne M.1709-1773, Johann Philipp 1714, Eva B.1715, Hans1717-1778, Maria M.1721, Philipp Valentin 1723

Coat of Arms / Registered 1706


Most Noorda family information is from a detective in the Netherlands. Thank you Co Pomstra!



Johann (Hans)

Valentin Hörner

b. about 1616   D.4-9-1704

Kuhart, Germany

Children: THEOBALD died 1717, JOHANNES (HANS) VALENTIN died 1734


Hoerner family information borrowed from Hoernersburg!




Val and Magdalena Hoerner and their 14 children.
Bottom left to right: Ida, Claudia, Val, Magdalena, Ann and Lena.
Top left to right: Fred, John, Rose, Roy, Louie, Elizabeth (Lioba), Val Jr, Clarence, Flora and Jake

Hoerner Drive in Spokane is named by Roy Hoerner, Roy and Jake built many homes on the north side of Spokane for 30 years.

Uncle Dan Hoerner played guitar on MTV with rock band " Sunnyday Real estate" .

Brother David Hoerner is a sergeant in the US army. Veteran of Bosnia and Iraq. Wounded in Iraq in 2004. Retired in 2007.  We are very proud of Dave!

Uncle Greg Hoerner worked at Abbott Laboratories for 20 years and retired as VP. Graduated from Stanford University.

Niece Amy Brigman was valedictorian of the class of 2006 at the Spokane Indian Reservation.

Fleck Family 1880's ?


Bishop Werth

One of the  Hörner cousins who still lives in Russia is Bishop Joseph Werth. He is the Catholic bishop of Siberia and the Russian Far East. His mother is Maria Hörner who was born December 23rd, 1931 in Speier, Ukraine. Maria's father was Dominic Hörner, who was also born in Speier.


Named titular bishop of Bulna and Latin-rite Apostolic Administrator of Siberia by Pope John Paul II on April 13, 1991, Werth had at that time two Ukrainian-born priests to help him find and minister to an estimated million and a half Catholics. Since then he has assembled a cosmopolitan team of over a hundred priests, sisters, brothers and lay missionaries from 18 different countries -- especially Poland, Germany, and Slovakia -- but including also Nicaragua, Lebanon, India, Argentina, South Korea, and many other European countries. At least 14 are from the United States.








Back: Gary, John Jr, Bruce (baby), Judy, Maxine, John Sr, Greg
Front: David, Lynn, Mike and Steven